Job Title: Construction Technician Level 4
Job Category: Electrical/Tower

Role Description:
The role of a Construction Technician Level 4 (CT4) is to engage in construction, installation, and repair of structures and fixtures. The CT4 reports directly to the Construction Manager. The CT4 determines the work needed to be performed on the jobsite on a daily basis; selects materials and structural units and inspects them to ensure conformance with provisions of building code and local ordinance; determines sequence of activities needed and communicates them with the crew. On occasion the CT4 will also have direct communication with the client’s Construction Managers.


  • Proficient and willing to perform all duties of the Construction Technician 3
  • Review site drawings to ensure there are necessary tools, supplies and crew to complete the site scope
  • Make sure that all documents needed are uploaded to SharePoint daily
  • Maintain site documents folder including permits, safety information, and site drawings
  • Perform site walks with customer providing pictures, Bill of Materials and site requirements related scope
  • Complete close out package and turn in next morning after site is complete
  • Coordinate with the Construction Supervisor on pre-planned site specific issues such as utility and Telco routing, access issues, inventory verification, and permits
  • Check out necessary tools and inventory from warehouse prior to construction start. Responsible for proper use and security of checked out tools and that they are returned to warehouse clean and ready for reuse
  • Keep crew motivated and on task focused on safety and quality
  • Maintain site safety equipment such as first aid kits and fire extinguisher
  • Maintain professional attitude when working with client’s, CM' or PM‘
  • Provide feedback to management about safer and more efficient work practices that can be employed in the field
  • Order rental equipment as needed
  • Keep job sites OSHA compliant


  • Ability to travel as required
  • Comfortable in self-directed environment
  • Ability to read and interpret documents such as zoning and construction drawings, bids, and leases
  • Ability to write coherent and succinct status/progress reports
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office - Excel, Work, Project, Outlook
  • Understanding of e-mail and the Internet
  • Ability to lift an excess of 50 pounds

Education & Experience:

  • Associates degree preferred
  • Thirty six months plus experience with telecommunications construction
  • A Contractor's License is a plus

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