About Us

X3 Management Services is a Proj3ct | Construct3on | Engineer3ng™ Veteran-Owned Small Business dedicated to providing unrivaled performance in the electrical construction and telecommunications service markets for the commercial, government, and private sector. At X3, we believe the foundation of our success is in building strong and lasting customer relationships by continuously applying integrity, flexibility and accountability to each project. Our expertise and high ethical standards mean we consistently exceed our client's expectations on any project regardless of varying budgets, involvedness, timetables, or scope.

Our relationships with our clients are authentic. We openly share and involve our clients in all the inner workings of their projects. This open communication has allowed us to meet our client's unique project expectations and needs in every project team we build. We can accurately simulate and present to our clients the overall project life cycle from inception to completion including: risk analysis, budgets, schedule, and more.


“To confront the construction industry’s largest challenges using innovative virtual management practices, providing what is essential to our clients, and by incorporating synergy, integrity, and loyalty”


To assist our clients in taking advantage of their opportunities by turning their vision into reality.


Contractor's License: Cal. # 0933263, Nv. # 0074703, # 0074704, # 0074832


X3 believes that achievement comes from longstanding relationships with clients, architects, trade partners, and other industry professionals. We value these relationships and consider them to be an important cornerstone of our success.

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