In recent years, economic shift has created change to most industries. Electrical contracting is no different and that’s why X3 is so much more than just an EC. Since our inception as a VOSB (Veteran-Owned Small Business), X3 has continued its metamorphosis with new business practices and concentrations in order to better meet the demands on the industry. With each change comes a great new challenge and greater responsibility, which X3 openly accepts. Our Centers of Excellence approach delivers local, regional, and virtual support from project initiation through sustainment. This allows X3 to be a “single source” contractor for both our client’s electrical needs, telecommunications and data requirements.


pictureAt X3 we recognize the value that pre-construction can add to every project in its conceptual stages. For maximum success, pre-construction can often be a collaborative effort involving the general contractor as well as subcontractors. To ensure maximum success, pre-construction should be a collaborative effort involving the general contractor as well as its subcontractors. By understanding our clients vision for a project we can set clearly defined goals to optimize construction pertaining to cost, time and quality. The end result of pre-construction strategies helps us effectively use time and budgeted costs, to ensure the foundation has been laid for a successful project.


pictureCompleting projects on-time or ahead of schedule and increasing project quality are goals that X3 continuously strives to achieve for our clients. One of the ways that we can achieve these goals is by having a prefabrication department with the capability to design and build certain components before they arrive to the project site. Prefabrication helps our team maintain the clients schedule, ensure product quality, and saves on the cost of the overall project. Other advantages of prefabrication include:

  • Streamlined production
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Project waste reduction


pictureAs a VOSB, X3 is honored to provide a multitude of electrical services from telecommunication, existing site modifications and general building to classified infrastructure and military projects in the government sector. Whether your projects needs are time sensitive, highly specialized, or cover a wide range of services; we rise to meet every challenge. X3 melds cost, time, and quality controls to always achieve customer satisfaction regardless of how demanding the project may be.

Data Systems

pictureHaving a well designed, properly built, and seamlessly installed data center is one solution to many problems that your business may experience. It's a fundamental yet essential part of communication and allows your business to connect with telecommunication networks. X3 has the capability to integrate and incorporate many different data systems combining: audio, video, data, and other various management systems that your business may require. Regardless of the size, it's easy to appreciate the importance of having a fully functioning and efficient data center.


pictureWhether your business requires long-term market support or short-term reinforcement, we offer low-cost, low-overhead results. X3 offers a market-based business approach for both our resources and training. This allows for internal market redundancy and a departmental-based back up plan. We streamline the approach to every project to produce qualified success.