X3 is passionate about protecting and preserving the environment, but we also recognize that the pure nature of our business impacts the environment and the world around us. We are committed to conducting business in a manner that balances our environmental responsibility with the highest standard of performance possible and we constantly strive to develop sustainable solutions and improvements for the benefit of future generations.


Our strict safety standards take top priority in every task we plan and perform. We are committed to taking every measure possible to minimize risk in all aspects relating to our projects and will never engage in any activity that we believe will jeopardize the safety of any person. All employees have been trained and educated to meet the highest in safety standards and our site safety and health officer assures that our practices meet customer requirements.


X3 proves its dedication to quality with its QCM program. Our QCM program is an integrative approach that promotes continuous quality improvements to our construction. QCM methodology is incorporated in everything we do and encourages long-term quality achievement through client satisfaction. Our cross-functional approach incorporates ongoing project supervision until closeout which allows us to be satisfied knowing that each project meets our high quality standards. Even in today's competitive market, we remain focused on always delivering excellence.


It is not just what we do, but who we are and by providing continuous training to all employees we empower our talented people to take the initiative and to do what is right in every circumstance. Developing a highly motivated, diverse and valued workforce allows us to work together, build relationships and create ever-greater value for our customers.


X3 was established first and foremost as a Project and Construction Management company but our core values have never shifted. Our values still reside within professional business practices - better client relationships, understanding of project scope and deliverables, and reporting tools that designate slack, resource planning, fast-tracking, and cost analysis. These practices enable X3 to better forecast risk within our projects and communicate openly with our clients. We provide superior capabilities and unique solutions in real time; therefore frequently solving possible issues before they arise.